9 Stylist Tricks for a Decorator Look

You don’t need to be rolling in cash to pull in compliments for polished, eye-pleasing rooms, just check out these 9 stylist tricks for a decorator look!

Kitchen Stylish Decor

1. Conduct a color inventory. When a particular room is feeling blah, start by looking at the colors in it. Does one hue dominate? (Yes, brown counts.) Is every color a neutral? If so, liven things up by pulling in one or two bold colors through accent pieces.

There’s no need to break out your paintbrush and drop cloth to bring in color; get creative with things you already have. Place a bowl of bright red apples on the kitchen counter and a squeaky clean red pot on the stove, as in the kitchen here. Or set a beautiful bouquet of blue hydrangeas on a side table to echo an azure coffee table book.



Create a Comfortable and Stylish Scene with Throw Pillows

2. Create a Comfortable and Stylish Scene with Throw Pillows. A medley of throw pillows in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and patterns adds casual polish to sofas and chairs. Pillows are a great tool for that because they can be relatively inexpensive to change out and freshen up a space.

I love mixing sizes [of pillows], but 20 inches is usually my standard, and then sometimes I’ll layer an 18-inch in front. I save the big ones, 22 to 26 inches, for beds or daybeds. I also love lumbar pillows for chairs.



Stylish Entry Way Decor

3. Use greenery to create height. Branches and tall blooms are elegant ways to create dimension in small spaces or enhance a heigh ceiling. Set your cuttings in a clear vase and allow them to spread wide to fill the space.



Stylish Bathroom

4. Corral bathroom clutter. Store countertop essentials in decorative trays to keep clutter under control. It’s an easy way to keep go-tos at your fingertips without their spreading messily all over your countertop.



Stylish Bedroom

5. Add Some Texture with a Throw. A cozy blanket throw draped on a sofa, chair or bed instantly adds warmth and texture. Don’t be afraid to play with placement; folding a throw is totally OK.



Stylish Entry Way Vases

6. Mix up your trios. By now you probably know that accents look best when grouped in odd numbers, but identical objects can appear boring. Vary the size and color of pieces in a group for interest.



Living Room Decorate with Firewood

7. Use firewood as decor. Stock up on firewood early in the season and stack it neatly in an empty alcove. It’s an inexpensive way to add rustic warmth while ensuring that your wood will be seasoned when it’s time to use it.



Add a chalkboard in Kitchen

8. Add a chalkboard. A chalkboard is a great way to infuse your kitchen with personality, whether you write inspirational quotes or grocery lists on it.



Bathroom Display White Towels as Decor

9. Use white towels and candles. The only time you’re likely to see a colored candle in a magazine spread is during the holidays. White candles create a feeling of serenity.

The same goes for bathroom towels. Choose towels in interesting textures to add interest in an all-white or neutral space.