Decorating With Warm Cozy Color Schemes

Make your home cozier with these rich shades of red, orange, and brown.


Flooring Creations living room warm color scheme

Warm Mixes

This window seat is covered in cozy pillows in mixed tones of warm colors.
Make it work for you:

  • Find fabrics that work well together like this blend of orange, red, purple, and tan used on the seat cushion.
  • Cool shades of molding pops against the warmer colors.
  • Mix a cool shade like this lovely lavender pillow for added interest.



Flooring Creations Living Room Mix and match warm colors

Mix and Match

This yellow-green wall is paired with a pop of rusty red to create a traditionally cozy palette.
Make it work for you:


  • Green is a color that can be warm or cool, so choose yellow-based shades to add warm vibes to your room.
  • When pairing green and red, choose a red with brown undertones to avoid creating a Christmas combo.
  • Find creative ways to separate the shades. The classic tones of the oak bookcase do the trick here.



Flooring Creations Living Room Warm Brown Color SCheme

Shades of Brown

The elegant vibe created in this living room comes from the shades of the rich chocolate brown used throughout the space.
Make it work for you:

  • Warm up the brown family with pops of color such as the eye-catching orange accents.
  • To highlight an architectural element such as this beautiful ceiling, choose a dark color for your walls.



Flooring Creations Living Room Bold Red

Bold Reds

Red walls and accents can instantly transform any room. Here the cherry walls paired with splashes of yellow create a cozy atmosphere.
Make it work for you:

  • Don’t be afraid of bold shades.
  • To create more texture in the room, mix and match patterns such as plaids, polka dots, and stripes.
  • Keep a refined look by choosing furniture with clean, traditional lines.



Flooring Creations Kitchen Pop of OrangeSimple Pops

This white kitchen’s swath of orange adds instant warmth and verve to this otherwise neutral space.
Make it work for you:

  • To enhance the look, choose accessories in bold colors, such as the mixer and flowers in this kitchen.
  • When choosing a wall color, coordinate it with the shades in the countertop.



Flooring Creations Bathroom Red Brown Color Scheme

Red Shades of Brown

Warm wood tones paired with rich russet walls create a dramatic look in any small space.
Make it work for you:

  • Even though deep colors can make rooms look smaller, they can also add elegant effects, especially in a small space such as a bathroom or reading nook.
  • If you are pairing wood tones with brown paint, be sure the tones complement each other.
  • To prevent the room from looking too dark, accessorize with neutral elements such as crisp white hand towels.



Flooring Creations Dining Room Red Orange Color Scheme

Tone on Tone

Vertical stripes in two shades of orange create an elegant look in this casually sophisticated dining room.
Make it work for you:

  • To get this look, choose two shades within the same paint family, perhaps from the same paint card.
  • Simple furniture and accessories will highlight the paint treatment.
  • To create an even more dramatic look, paint one color in a glossy sheen and one in a matte finish.



Flooring Creations Dining Room Red Color Scheme

Rich Reds

Red is a popular color for dining rooms and kitchens. A deep red such as this one looks sophisticated and dramatic yet comfortable.
Make it work for you:

  • To ensure you get the right shade of red, try a few sample cans on your walls. Red paint can be very tricky to choose.
  • Accessorize with touches of red such as the window treatment and rug.
  • Connect two rooms by incorporating the rich shade into furniture throughout both spaces.



Flooring Creations Modern Warm Living Room

Modern Warmth

Cozy chocolate-brown sofas paired with rich green club chairs and a sassy ottoman are the ingredients for this super sleek living room.
Make it work for you:

  • You can also add warmth by using cozy fabrics such as velvet.
  • A simple pop of color through artwork will add a lot of bang for your buck.
  • To add more warmth, layer different.



Flooring Creations Dining Room Contrasting Color SchemeContrasting Colors

The detail of the white woodwork pops against the crisp contrast of the deep red walls.
Make it work for you:

  • Choosing a red with a burnt-orange undertone creates a more refined look in a room.
  • Keep your accessories simple when highlighting the architectural character of the space.