Dreaming in Color: 5 Fab Not-Beige Bedroom Neutrals

Let me start off by saying that I am in no way looking to bash beige. There are many beautiful shades of the neutral hue that are appropriate and look fantastic in and on homes. But when I am hired to do a paint color consultation, I often avoid suggesting beige. And clients even ask to avoid it, which leads me to believe that many homeowners are tired of the hue, or they see it as a crutch to fall back on when they’d really prefer something different, something with a little more oomph.

For those of you who just aren’t a fan of bold, intense color but want to move beyond white and beige, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite not-beige neutrals that I think look fantastic in bedrooms. These are softer, more soothing hues that work well with a variety of other colors, materials and styles of decor. Yet they still look fresh and current.

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1. Light Purples

Whether you go for a cool lavender or a warmer mauve, the trick to making this color appear sophisticated rather than sugary is to go with a shade that has a good amount of neutralizing gray or brown in it. The paint color here contains both gray and brown, which neutralizes the purple. You get the best of both worlds — a neutral hue with just a hint of color. Get a similar look with Beguiling Mauve from Sherwin-Williams. VV

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This lavender has less gray in it than the previous color, but it still has an iciness, which keeps it soft and soothing. Get a similar look with North Cascades from Benjamin Moore

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This pretty wall color has more red and brown in it, which adds warmth. The hint of brown also nudges it toward neutral territory. Get a similar look with Plum Frost from Behr.

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2. Blue-Grays

A soft blue with a hint of gray is a fantastic choice to create a soothing, relaxing vibe in a bedroom. Those who live in areas where cool and overcast days outnumber warm and sunny ones may want to opt for a hue with more blue and less gray. Get a similar look with Woodlawn Silver Brook from Valspar.

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This is a fairly deep blue, but it also has plenty of gray in it, which tones it down and mellows it out. Get the look with Stonybrook from Benjamin Moore.

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A light gray-blue wall color plays well with a variety of other hues. Think of it like a chambray shirt that you can pair with clothing in any other color. This palette of soft grayish blue with browns, creams and off-whites is super-sophisticated. Get a similar look with Chambray from Pittsburgh Paints.

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3. Blue-Gray-Greens

Add some green to soft blue and you get a wonderful watery hue that has a spa-like feel. Get a similar look with Gentle Tide from Glidden.

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I imagine this grayish blue-green wall color reads as a different hue depending on the time of day as well as the time of year. It’s a terrific base color that you can add small bits of bold color to. Get a similar look with Valley Hills from Behr.

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