Tips & Tools to Help You Envision What Your Finished Remodel Project Will Look Like

Working on a remodel project, but having trouble deciding if a certain product, color, or design style will actually look good, and how you want it to, when it’s installed in your home? Read below for great tips and tools that will help you make confident decisions about the products and styles you choose, and ensure that they will make your envisioned remodel project a reality!


Clarify your needs and wants to your professional remodeler, designer, or salesman to help ensure that the work will be done to your satisfaction, and be exactly what you want!

Describing to your remodeler, contractor, decorator, or salesman what you want in detail can help with this. Start making a list of all of the things you want and need in your remodel project so you can remember everything you want when you meet with your design or remodeler. Another huge help in portraying what your remodel envision is to your remodeler is using pictures! Make a collage of products, styles, and rooms that you like using pictures from magazines, brochures, or any print type you come across (like the collage below) is a great idea!

You can also make online collages, or idea books to show your remodeler. A great and free, website you can do this with is They allow you to browse millions of images of real homes and remodel projects that you can get inspiration from, and put them in “Idea Books” that you can save to your profile and show them to your remodeler. Check out our idea books on Houzz for an example, and great inspiration!

Flooring Creations' Houzz "Shower Walls Ideas" Ideabook is another great, free website that enables you to browse millions of pictures, and even add any picture you find anywhere online, to create collage “boards” of the pictures you like! Check out our inspirational pinterest boards here! 

Flooring Creations's Pinterest Kitchen Inspiration Board



Use room visualizers to see exactly what certain products, colors, and styles will look like when installed in your home!

Room visualizers are an amazing tool that allow you to choose actual products and colors and see what they will look like when installed in your home. Many manufacturers of finishing product materials such as floors, kitchen backsplashes, and shower and tub enclosures have their own room visualizers that allow you to choose specific floors, cabinets, backsplashes, paint colors for walls, and other products and design styles and apply them to either a picture of the room you’re remodeling, or a sample room that they have. Below is a list of to manufacturers that have their own room visualizers (click on them for a link to their room visualizer). BONUS: We carry all of the products from the below manufacturers, so if you create a room you love with their room visualizers, you can come into flooring creations to purchase all of the materials you liked!

WFCA Room Visualizer




Weigh the products and design styles pros and cons

Once you’ve found a product and/ or design style that you are thinking about using, do your research about it to discover the pros and cons about it to ensure it will work for you, your family, and your home. You can get a wealth of information about design styles, and how to determine which is best for you here, on our Decor 101 page.

For products and materials you’re considering, you can check out their manufacturers websites to determine their pros and cons, such as if they are eco-friendly, their recommended uses, if they are kid and/ or pet friendly, and their unique benefits. Manufacturer websites have a wealth of information, inspiration, and education to help you with your selection! Your designer and/ or salesperson can also help you with this!

Hardwood Pros & Cons


Take Home Samples to see them in Your Home

We always recommend to all of our customers that they take home samples and see how they actually look in your home, with your different types of lighting, your furnishings and decor, and your home in general. You can take home flooring, tile, paint sample, and more! Just ask your salesman or decorator for what they have!

When taking home samples, put them in your home where they will be installed and periodically check them out throughout the day to see how they will work with the different lighting in the mornings, day, and nights. Also put them next to your furniture, cabinets, countertops, painted walls (or paint samples), and other decorations to see how they look with them as well. Another great tip to do this is to actually bring in other sample you have, such as a cabinet door, or paint sample, when shopping for other items such as flooring and backsplashes. That way you can quickly compare them and see what compliments the items you already have right there in the store.


Comparing Flooring Samples with Cabinets



















Seeing how Carpet with look in different shades of light


Comparing Cabinet, Countertop, Paint and Floor Samples Comparing Carpet Samples with Current Hardwood Floors Comparing Tile Floors with Shower Walls and Border


Here at Flooring Creations, we offer FREE, no obligation decor consultations where we can take your ideas, collages, list of likes and dislikes, and show you the styles and products that will make your envision a reality. Contact us today to set yours up! We can either come to your home, or you can come into our expansive showroom!


Do you have any tips or tricks that help you turn your vision of a remodel into a reality? Share them with us in a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!