Not a Big Cook? These Fun Kitchen Ideas Are for You!

Kitchen design tends to be centered around the presumption that you will be spending loads of time in your kitchen cooking. Not so earth shattering, right? But the fact is, not everyone loves to cook. Not everyone could really use a supersize fridge, dual ovens and an enormous island. So what do you do when it’s time to think about a kitchen design, when all you’ve used your oven for is storage? While it makes sense for certain basics to be in place (sink, stove, dishwasher) even if you rarely cook, there is plenty of room for creativity. From wine storage to a cozy hang out area, here are a few ideas to consider.


Wine storage. 

If you don’t have a large collection of cookware to house, it makes sense to shift some of that storage space to something you douse. Oenophiles may want to add a temperature-controlled wine cellar cabinet for bottles that need to be aged, in addition to open shelving for ready-to-drink bottles.

Kitchen Wine Storage

















You could even create your own home wine bar experience with wall-mounted bottle storage, paired with a “tasting bar” attached to the wall.

Kitchen Custom Wine Storage


















Fancy coffee station. 

Love your morning latte or cappuccino? Splurge on a top-notch espresso maker so you can whip up your morning beverage of choice at home. Since you’re not spending as much on fancy knives and cookware, why not? When less work is what you want, look into a fully automatic coffeemaker. With the push of a button, you can have a cup of delicious coffee or even an espresso drink, depending on the model you choose.

Kitchen Coffee Station
















Cover (but rethink) the basics. 

Even those who rarely cook should include a few basic appliances in the kitchen. You never know if you may one day decide to cook at home more often, and even if you don’t enjoy cooking frequently, most people occasionally need a kitchen stocked with the basics. 

A fridge and freezer, a stovetop, an oven, a sink, a dishwasher, a toaster and a microwave are the bare bones for most kitchens. That said, these pieces do not need to be massive to get the job done. In fact, going overboard on appliances may just make cooking in your kitchen seem more intimidating.

Kitchen Basics Covered




















If your kitchen is small and you rarely cook, one alternative to the classic big oven is a separate cooktop paired with a compact oven, or even a convection toaster oven, for cooking (or warming) food.

Kitchen Compact Stovetop






And if you really have no use for a giant fridge and freezer, consider instead a few handy fridge and freezer drawers. They can be tucked into small nooks and don’t overwhelm a space like a full-size fridge can.





Kitchen Compact Fridge




When you don’t need to worry about maximizing cabinet space, some fun possibilities open up; a lovely little seating area in the kitchen is one great option. After all, even if you don’t spend hours cooking, you likely do want to be able to sit down in a comfortable space and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, or a simple supper (even if it’s takeout) after a long day.






Kitchen Cozy Seating Area






Do you love to cook, cook only for necessity or avoid it at all costs? Share where you are on the to-cook-or-not-to-cook scale in the Comments.