How to Choose Paint Colors to Match The Existing Elements in Your Kitchen

How do you pick paint colors that work best with your existing countertops, cabinets, floor and other big elements of you kitchen? Here are our top tips on creating kitchen color harmony, the most efficient way.

Ultimately, your paint color selection will depend not just on the color of your counters or the finish on your fridge but also on the overall look you are after. A kitchen that incorporates a stainless fridge, quartz countertop and cork floor will have an entirely different look with soft taupe walls than it will with a deep indigo blue.


Get Examples of What You Already Have in Your Kitchen

If you have countertops, cabinets, flooring, etc. in your existing kitchen that you do not plan on changing, and thus will need a paint color to harmonize with all of those existing elements, start by getting documentation, or examples of these elements that you can use when comparing what your ideas of color will look like with them, and you take with you when shopping for a paint color. When you have examples of preexisting elements in your kitchen, it makes it much easier to select a paint color that will look well with, and emphasize, your current kitchen. Plus, it will make it much easier and faster than just going to the paint store with nothing and grabbing some paint chips or samples that you think may look good with your kitchen and taking them home, only to find that they do not look as well with your preexisting elements than you imagined and having to go back and restart the process.

You can grab a drawer or a cabinet door, and even get samples of your current elements like your countertop and flooring (If you were the one that purchased them, you can go to the store you purchased them from and ask if they have a sample of them, or a similar product, that you could purchase or borrow). Or, if you happen to have left over pieces of your flooring, countertops, or backsplash from when they were installed, grab a piece of those! If you did not pick your existing elements, and do not know where they came from, take pictures of your existing elements from different angles, and in different lighting, that you can refer to when you are getting inspiration, and when you go to the store to pick your paint.



Consider the Mood & Atmosphere You Want Your Kitchen to Have

Ask yourself: Do I want my kitchen to be relaxing or energizing? Trendy or timeless? A neutral backdrop or a knockout statement? Different colors evoke different moods, and when you know the mood you’re after, you can select a color that creates that mood. If you’ve ever paid attention to the color scheme in restaurants, you may have noticed that red is a predominant color. The reason is simple – red can have a powerful effect on the appetite and restaurant designers know this. In addition, red may even increase respiration rate and blood pressure. If you want to avoid overeating in your own kitchen, you might avoid using red on kitchen walls. Instead, try yellow in the kitchen because it’s just warm enough to evoke comfortable feelings without stimulating the appetite. On the other hand, if you want to suppress your appetite, blue may be a suitable kitchen color because it can have this effect on some people.

Check Out Our List of Colors and The Moods They Evoke on Our Decor 101 Page here, Decor 101 – Moods Evoked By Color (scroll down on the page a little ways until you see it)

Whatever mood you’re after, their is an existing color that will help you create it!


Get Some Inspiration & Create a Mood Board 

First, think of all of the colors, products, and design styles that you like, no holds barred.

Then start gathering pictures of other kitchens, color schemes, decor elements, products, etc that you like, and may want to incorporate into your remodel. Making a collage of products, styles, and rooms that you like using pictures from magazines, brochures, or any print type you come across (like the collage to the left) is a great idea, and you can also bring it along with you when you’re shopping for paint to help you find a similar color!

An alternative to gathering physical pictures, is creating an online collage on websites such as has more than 7 million inspirational pictures of every color, room, and design style you can imagine! They also allow you to create an “Ideabook” or compilation of pictures that you want to save for your inspiration, all for free! 

Read More About Getting Inspiration and Ideas, and Great Tools To Help You Do So Here: Tips & Tools to Help You Envision What Your Finished Remodel Project Will Look Like.


See How Your Colors Will Look Like In Your Home Before You Purchase Them

Although many designers like to test paint right on the walls, you can also choose to buy 8″ x 10″ flat canvas boards from an art supply store and paint one in each of the colors you are considering. This system allows you to move the paint color samples around the room easily, while eliminating the mess and confusion of having several different colors painted on the wall.

Another great option for seeing what your color will look like in your kitchen before you actually paint it, is to use a Room Visualizer tool. There are many out there that you can use, and a lot of them allow you to also select the existing elements in your home, or take a picture of your actual kitchen, then try out different paint colors virtually!

Below is a list of links to apps and websites that you can use to put the paint on your walls before you buy it!


Finally, once you are pretty certain you have found the best color for your kitchen, Just go for it! Remember, it’s only paint. If you aren’t happy with it you can change it very easily. 


Do you have any other tips or tricks you use to help you pick a paint color? We’d love to hear it, comment below and let us know!