How to Expertly Hang Pictures & Wall Art

One of the first steps in making a space feel like home is hanging photos and art. Here is a guide with tips & tricks to easily hang your art & pictures, and have it look like an expert did it!

Picture Hanging Arrangement

Start with choosing a layout of your pictures or art. See the below pictures for some good ideas! (There are more inspirational pictures of arrangements if you scroll to the bottom!)

Picture Hanging Arrangements Template
Picture Hanging Arrangements




Then hang pictures evenly and easily by placing a single strip of masking tape over the back covering the two holes. Mark each end of the tape where the nails need to go, then take the tape off and put it on the wall. Make sure the tape is level, then insert your nails where the markings are on the tape.

Picture Hanging Hold locator with tape



Or, if you’re hanging multiple pictures in an arrangement, you can also try this to align everything evenly. Just place each art or picture frame on a piece of paper and trace it, then cut it out and tape it to the wall. This allows you to arrange all the pieces and make sure they’re balanced before you put in nails and hang up the actual pictures. You can also mark on the papers where the nail holes need to go, and put the nails in right where those spots for them are on your paper templates.

Picture Hanging Paper Templates

Picture Hanging Paper Templates 2


Picture Hanging Spacing Tip

Need to hang a picture but there is nothing on the back to hang it from? Once you are done with your soda, turn the tab around. Using a pair of pliers grab the bottom (short end) of the tab and bend the tab down into the mouth of the can while pulling up at the same time. This will ensure that the ring is still intact so that you can attach it to the back of your frame with a screw and hang your photo.

Picture Hanging with Popcan opener



Also, you can keep picture frames from rubbing against the wall and damaging it by gluing an eraser to the corners of the frame.

Picture Hanging without picture frames making marks on your walls


Some frames have a stand on the back, don’t be afraid to pull those off so that they lie flat on the wall.

Picture Hanging take stand off the back of picture frames



Another tip, use double sided tape to keep the pictures from moving inside the frame.

Picture Hanging with Double Sided Tape



Here are some more inspirational pictures for different types of arrangements!

Picture Hanging Arrangement Idea 3


Picture Hanging Arrangement Ideas



Picture Hanging Arrangement Idea



Picture Hanging Arrangement Idea


Picture Hanging Arrangement Idea



Picture Hanging Arrangement Idea 2Tip: Place a piece of masking tape in a straight horizontal line down the wall then arrange the pictures on either side of it to get the perfectly spaced line like the above picture.