Luxury Vinyl Plank

Although it’s the most widespread type of commercial flooring, and the material it’s made from has been around since 1926, vinyl has just recently gained popularity in the residential flooring market. All of its commercial-grade characteristics (its water, scuff, stain, and scratch resistance) are why more and more people are choosing it for their home over other types of flooring.

With an increasing number of manufacturers focusing more on the luxury vinyl planks, (water proof wood look), and this type of flooring is bound to dominate the residential market soon!

Flooring manufacturers have greatly improved the look and feel of the planks in order for them to more realistically imitate the texture and colors of natural materials such as wood. This improvement of a more realistic appearance in luxury vinyl is even converting home owners who previously would have laughed at the idea of buying vinyl flooring, into happy vinyl floor lovers!

For your budgeting purposes here is a good ballpark for a quality luxury vinyl plank, which will run between $2.99 – $3.99 per square foot. Labor to install a vinyl plank can run between $2.00-$2.50 per square foot. Quality means that the specs meet the following criteria. Protective coating of at least 12 mils (20 mils is the best), Overall thickness of at least 5-6 mm (7-8 mm is the best), SPC core (limestone) vs plastic core and pad attached serving as a sound membrane.  Below is a great video from one of our brands (MSI), this video does a good job of explaining the product from both a material and labor (for you do it yourself people) perspective.

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MSI Everlife Product Video

Designed to meet today’s demands, vinyl floors look great and work hard. We offer very practical, stunningly realistic, and gorgeous options of both Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring.

  • Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring that looks like wood planks in everything from texture, color and grain.
  • Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring that looks like stone or ceramic tile, complete with gorgeous natural colors and surface texture that feel like the real thing.

What makes luxury vinyl planks and tile more desirable than wood floors, is their ability to resist water abuse and the wear and tear that comes after a lot of foot traffic and general use. They are produced in a way that makes them water, stain, scratch and scuff resistant, which makes for a very durable floor that takes a lot of time to wear out! If you take good care of them, your luxury vinyl floors should last a good 25 years. Plus, luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring allows you to take the look of natural wood to places you never thought possible.

From bathrooms to basements to laundry rooms, water-resistant luxury vinyl floors allow you to enjoy having wood visuals in high-moisture areas. Luxury vinyl floors’ ability to resist most environmental factors is what sets it apart from any other type of flooring.

Another advantage of vinyl floors is their warmth and comfort underfoot due to vinyl’s softness and slight bounciness. Some versions of these floors can be installed with a pad under them providing more sound absorption and comfort under foot. Plus, it makes for a surface that’s much softer than wood, laminate and tile, which is great for crawling babies, clumsy kids and people who spend a lot of time on their feet, as it reduces the pressure on the knees and joints. It might not seem like an important characteristic, but a few days of walking on a luxury vinyl plank or tile floor would definitely change anybody’s mind!

Luxury vinyl flooring also keeps a consistent temperature during the cold and hot months, which makes misplacing your slippers on a frigid and cold rainy day no longer a problem!

Caring for floors made from natural materials requires special tools and a lot of time. However, since luxury vinyl floors are made from quite resistant materials, cleaning and maintaining them requires very little effort. Vinyl planks are water and stain resistant, so cleaning up after kids or pets requires nothing more than any generic cleaner and a mop, and when installed properly, vinyl planks are nice and flat with no cracks or dents, which makes sweeping and vacuuming much easier.

Luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring brings the natural beauty of wood and stone in an essentially waterproof floor that will stand up to high traffic and installs anywhere in your home, including kitchen and bathrooms. Choose wood designs in authentic plank lengths and widths or natural stone tile styles. The natural colors and textures of luxury vinyl plank floors add classical & traditional beauty to any room! With luxury vinyl planks and tile, you can opt for a high end look.

Our wide selection of wood and stone looks can give any room the upgrade it deserves!