Porcelain Tile

Versatile, easy to clean and extremely durable, porcelain tile floors are a perfect way to stamp your individual style anywhere in your home. With so many different materials, shapes, patterns, colors, textures, sizes, and styles available, you can use tile in any room to help achieve your perfect interior design scheme creating a beautiful home.

Check out this great video (below) from one of our suppliers (MSI) about traditional/classical yet modern contemporary subway styles.

Here at Flooring Creations, we supply a huge range of tiles in a variety of sizes, styles, colors and designs to suit any home renovation project. We carry multiple different types including porcelain, ceramic and even tile that have an uncannily accurate wood appearance.

Our goal at Flooring Creations is to help you enhance the aesthetics of your home and compliment your decorating style, which can be done quite easy when using tiles due to their many options. So whether you are looking to put down new flooring, update your bathroom, add style to your kitchen with a gorgeous backplash, or create a uniquely-designed outdoor patio area, you will find everything you need for your project with our stunning range of tiles. Plus our knowledgeable design consults can help you through the whole process of selecting the best tile that right for your project, including making sure it will enhance the appearance of your home, and withstand your lifestyle.

Tiles are extremely cost effective when compared, especially long term, to other materials which may wear over time and need replacing. The choice of style, color, texture and designs are endless. Plus, tile is incredibly easy to maintain and clean, making it the most hygienic choice for your home or business.

For your budgeting purposes here is a good ballpark for a quality Porcelain tile, which will run between $2.99 – $3.99 per square foot. Labor to install tile can run between $2.75-$3.50 per square foot. Quality means that the specs meet the following criteria. Porcelain versus Ceramic, PEI (Porcelain enamel inst.) rating of 4 or 5 (4 is heavy residential/light commercial and 5 is commercially rated) and great visuals meaning good color variation and detail put into texture, edging creating authentic visuals. Please call or visit the
famous Gus’s (father & son) for a great shopping experience!

Tile flooring is definitely one of the most durable and hard wearing flooring option, making them perfect both for high traffic and water susceptible areas. From beautiful classical style patterns to clean and sleek modern large format porcelain tile perfect for open plan living, we are sure we can help you find the perfect tile for your home, whatever your style!

Tile is such a great flooring material to create a continuous flowing floor space throughout your homes main areas, or all rooms. This is a very stylish trend gaining popularity recently is casting aside those differentiating floor areas, (you know the ones – laminate in one room, vinyl in another, carpet in another, etc.), that break up each room and the overall flow of your home. By ripping them all out, and have one continuous singular floor covering run throughout your home, your home becomes to appear more spacious, and has better continuity and flow.

Tile floors are perfect for achieving this effect due to their versatility. Also, you can easily have the tiling continue from the floors to the walls, (such as in the bathroom), blending seamlessly to create a slick, chic design, and larger looking space.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Color, Shade, Size & Pattern of For Your Home

  1. Color: Use your largest areas of color—walls, furniture, and cabinetry—to inform your color choice. For a subtle look, match floor and wall colors or keep them in the same color family. Contrasting colors, like light walls and dark floors, create a more visual impact.
  2. Shade: Shade variation is the amount of color and tonal change within each tile and between multiple tiles. Low shade variation levels have a more uniform appearance, with few differences in shade. High shade variation levels have more contrast within and between tiles.
  3. Size: The tile size you choose will work best in proportion to the size of the room. While smaller tiles help small rooms feel less constricted, larger tiles keep big areas from feeling overwhelming.
  4. Pattern: Like tile size, patterns work best when used in proportion to the room. A rule of thumb: if you can’t repeat the pattern at least four times in a room, choose a smaller pattern or tile size.

The Different Types of Tile Explained

  • Ceramic Tiles

    A key benefit of ceramic tiles is that they don’t need to be sealed after they’ve been fixed in place. They are available in a huge range of designs, colors and effects, as well as a variety of sizes. They are a cost-effective tile choice as they are easy to maintain and clean. Ceramic tiles are only suitable for indoor use and are recommended for light traffic areas, such as cloakrooms and bathrooms. While ceramic tile offers a wide selection of colors, textures, and styles.
  • Porcelain Tiles

    Made in a similar way to ceramic tiles, they don’t need to be sealed, come in endless design, size, color and texture options, porcelain tiles are more durable and hard-wearing and are therefore suitable for more heavy traffic areas, such as kitchens and living rooms. Porcelain can be finished in a sheen that’s either glazed (similar “satin” paint finishes), unglazed (matte) or polished (shiny). Porcelain tile is more durable, water resistant, and works for covered exteriors better than ceramic tiles do.