Shutters Window Coverings Retailer in San Diego

Shutters in all Types & Styles are available as Flooring Creations in San Diego!

The Mercedes Benz of window coverings, shutters come in a variety of colors (traditional whites or rich darker stains), frame & panel styles, and configurations such as traditional rectangles, and arches or circles. They bring a traditional timeless look to any home, while adding value and energy efficiency. Flooring Creations has partnered up with a locally owned & operated factory assuring you that your shutters will made of the highest quality, right here locally in San Diego.

They are durable, beautiful, and a practical option for window coverings. They are great at blocking the light, easily adjustable to let just the right amount of light in, and easily cared for and maintained. The basic elements of any shutter include a top rail and bottom rail (horizontal pieces), stiles (the vertical pieces), louvers (which attach between the stiles and rails), a tilt rod and a frame.  Regardless of the material, these components make up a shutter.


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