How to Reduce Clutter to Reduce Stress

Clutter has been scientifically proven to raise stress levels. Follow these simple steps for a smarter, healthier and clutter-free home to help you feel more relaxed.

Just Say No.
Step away from the sale rack. To keep your kitchen counters clean, giving you one less thing to stress about. Just because it’s the latest and greatest kitchen gadget doesn’t mean it needs to take up space in your kitchen. Stick with the basics. This makes your kitchen a lot easier to organize and keep organized.

How to Reduce Clutter - Just Say NO



Speed Clean Clutter Control
Fifteen minutes of tidying every night: That’s the secret to a stress-free home. Just straightening up the pillows on the sofa, wiping down the kitchen countertops, taking out the trash and starting the dishwasher makes waking up the next morning so much more enjoyable.

How to Reduce Clutter - Speed Clean Clutter




Create a Mini Home Office

Installing a small cabinet under a floating shelf adds essential storage for a small home command center. It holds everything — stationery, a printer, catalogs and more — and it’s where you can pay bills, take down phone messages and keep a calendar. It keeps a family on track and organized!

How to Reduce Clutter - Create A Mini Home Office




Pack it Up

Install a backpack station right outside your garage or front door. When the kids come home, they remove any necessary notes and homework and hang their backpacks up. Once homework is done, it all goes back into the backpack ready for the next day.

How to Reduce Clutter - Pack it up




Bathroom Storage

Hang a shoe organizer on the bathroom cabinet door. It’s more convenient to open the door and easily find everything from nail polish remover and bronzer, to new razors, hair spray and more. Break your habit of keeping things on the counter, and tuck it all away.

How to Reduce Clutter - Bathroom Storage



Open Shelving for Linens and Supplies

Since it forces you into smart and attractive grouping, open shelving can work wonders for crowded linen closets. We realized that a few chic baskets could convert our claustrophobic closet into clean and functional open shelving. Reuse baskets and white planters from around the house to keep essentials at hand.

How to Reduce Clutter - Open Shelving for Linens and Supplies



Simple Laundry Room Updates

Do two major things that will change your laundry life for the better. The first is adding a counter above the washer and dryer — no more fishing out socks from behind the dryer. Second is the addition of a rod instead of a cabinet. It is so nice to have a dedicated spot to hang wet clothes.

How to Reduce Clutter - Simple Laundry Room Updates



Labeled Storage Bins

Instead of folding everything in drawers or piling on a shelf, use bins in your closet. The best part is how much easier it makes putting away laundry. Use bins for pajamas, camisoles, bathing suits, workout clothes and off-season clothing. For a baby’s room, use bins for blankets, shoes, towels and crib sheets.

How to Reduce Clutter - Labeled Storage Bins



Magazine Rack Wall Art

Nothing clutters up a coffee table faster than a leaning stack of magazines. You may think hanging a magazine rack on your living room wall would look like a doctor’s office. But with inspiring labels like “Imagine,” “Create” and “Savor,” this stylish setup grew on him.

How to Reduce Clutter - Magazine Rack Wall Art




Organized Pantry

Instead of splurging on a custom pantry with pullout drawers, label and strategically groups items to create the same effect on the cheap. Store spices in the door, and use clear canisters to make it easy to tell when food is running low.
How to Reduce Clutter - Organized Pantry