Remodeling Projects That Pay Off

These remodeling projects will increase your home’s resale value, improving chances for a speedy, attractive offer when you decide to sell.


Remodel Projects that Pay Off Front Door

Update Your Front Door

Adding a new front door — or simply painting an existing door and installing new hardware — makes a great first impression and increases your home’s curb appeal.


Remodel Ideas That Pay Off - Updated Kitchen

Kitchen Improvements

As the hub of the house — and its hardest-working room — the kitchen deserves special attention. New appliances, adding a backsplash, and refinished or refaced cabinets can pay off handsomely, and are one of the most desired updated room in the house when looking for a house to buy. Check out our Backsplashes page for some great information and inspiration on backsplashes that should be on everyone’s kitchen update list.


Remodel projects that pay off - fresh paint

Fresh Paint

Few other fix-ups can give you so much improvement for so little money and effort as a fresh coat of paint. Use a unified color scheme of neutral shades if you’re looking to sell your house, which will appeal to a broader range of people.


hardwood Floors add resale value to your home

New or Refinished Floors, Especially Hardwood

Turn on your television to nearly any home improvement or real estate-related show and a common phrase you will likely hear is, “I want hardwood floors.”

Hardwood floors have grown in popularity over the years as people have pulled up their carpet to reveal wood floors that can be restored to their original state. Homeowners have also seen a higher return on investment, or ROI, if they sell their home with new or refinished hardwood floors. Check out our Hardwood Flooring page for inspiration and information to update your home with beautiful hardwood.


Remodel Projects that pay off - simple landscaping

Simple Landscaping

Flowerbeds, foundation plantings, paths, and borders can make a huge difference in your home’s appeal. If you buy small plantings and let them grow into their role, you get a particularly high value per investment.


Remodel Projects that Pay off - Additions & Outdoor Living Areas

Additions and Outdoor Living Spaces

Additions that suit your home’s style, scale, and traffic flow generally add value — as do well-designed outdoor living areas such as porches and decks.


Bathroom Doorless Shower

Added or Upgraded Bathrooms

Generally, adding a bath to a home that has only 1 or 1 1/2 baths will pay off at resale. Elements that prove most popular include ample storage, natural light, and ceramic tile on the floor and tub and shower surrounds. Check out our Shower Walls & Tub Enclosures page for more information and inspiration to upgrade your bathroom with.


Remodel Projects that Pay off - Updated Faucets & Fixtures

Updated Faucets and Fixtures

Add allure to baths and kitchens with good quality, stylish fixtures and faucets. These changes are relatively easy and inexpensive.


Remodel Projects that Pay off - New Light Fixtures

New Knobs, Pulls, and Light Fixtures

As with new faucets, these easily installed off-the-shelf items boost style and have a big impact with relatively little cost and time.


Remodel Projects that Pay Off - New or Refinished countertops

Renewed Surfaces

Worn flooring and chipped, scarred countertops turn off buyers; refinishing or replacing these surfaces with good quality upgrades provides instant appeal. Granite is an ever-popular option, as well as the newly popular quartz.


Remodel Projects that Don't Pay off

Projects That Don’t Pay Off

Not every remodeling project will increase your home’s value. Some, in fact, can really turn off potential buyers. Value-reducers include:

  • A built-in pool that takes up most of the yard.
  • A super-large garage.
  • Strange room layouts, such as a bedroom that can only be accessed through another bedroom.
  • A poorly designed addition that looks “tacked on.”
  • Too much white marble.
  • Any upgrade that prices a house significantly above those in the neighborhood.