How to Easily Replace a Broken Floor Tile

Learn how to easily replace a broken floor tile!

Floor tiles can crack due to wear and tear, or through damage if a heavy object is dropped on them. Replacing a single tile is more cost-effective than retiling an entire floor. Wear goggles while drilling into the tile, in case any shards fly toward you, and wear gloves to protect your hands.

  1. Chisel Out the Grout. 
    Remove grout from around the edge of the tile. A grout raker is ideal for this process.Replace a Broken Tile - Remove Grout 
  2. Remove the Broken Tile.
    First, Drill a series of holes into the broken tile. This breaks it up, making it easier to remove.Replace a Broken Tile - Drill HolesThen, with a heavy hammer and cold chisel, remove the broken tile. It will come away in sections.

    Replace a Broken Tile - Hammer Out Tile


  3. Scrape Out the Old Adhesive
    Scrape any hardened old adhesive off the floor surface revealed by the tile’s removal.Replace a Broken Tile -Scrape Out the Old Adhesive
  4. Apply New Adhesive and Install New Tile
    Apply adhesive to the back of the new tile and position it. Use a level to make sure it sits flush with the surrounding tiles.Replace a Broken Tile - Put in New Tile
    Allow the adhesive to dry, then grout the new tile. Clean off any excess with a sponge.Replace a Broken Tile - Grout New Tile

Need Some More Tile to Replace a Larger Area? Contact us, we can help!