Modern, Organic Thanksgiving Table Setting Tips and Ideas

Hosting your family’s Thanksgiving feast can be stressful. Well, stress no more: We have tips for setting a beautiful fall table filled with easy-to-craft decorations.

Chalk It Up

Chalkboards add a playful decorative element to any get-together. They’re not only inexpensive, but also can be used repeatedly for different holidays and family events. Put your creative skills to work by writing “Happy Thanksgiving” on yours and displaying it near the spread to get guests in the holiday spirit. Have friends and family pose by the chalkboard sign for a souvenir photo op.

Thanksgiving Decor - Chalk it up












DIY Twig Table Runner

Take your Thanksgiving table to the next level by making your own rustic (and nearly free!) runner. Easy to craft — and a perfect project for kids to help with — this runner adds to the table’s outdoorsy feel and can be rolled up and stored away for use year after year. Just cut twigs (found or bought) into 12 inch long pieces, and hot glue them to 2 long ribbons (make sure to measure the ribbon before so you can ensure it’s long enough for your table).

Thanksgiving Decor - Twig Table Runner


Thanksgiving Decor - Twig Table Runner Instructions











Golden Touches

Set the scene by scattering gilded natural elements down the length of the runner. Collect different leaves, pinecones, berries or whatever else nature is offering, and give each a light coat of gold spray paint for a touch of glitz.

Thanksgiving Decor - Golden Touches











Go For a Layered Look

Create a gorgeous place setting using pieces that are rustic and autumnal yet still have a modern edge. Wooden chargers are the perfect anchor for a sleek white dinner plate and bowl while vintage gold flatware adds glitz and natural linen napkins work anytime of the year. Keep in mind that the dinner plate and bowl needn’t be from the same set — mixing and matching color and texture adds to the table’s organic feel.

Thanksgiving Decor - Go For a Layered Look











Craft Your Own Centerpiece

No Thanksgiving table is complete without a centerpiece. Create an arrangement that features fall’s richest colors and textures that incorporates fresh greenery from your own backyard. Rather than an over-the-top floral arrangement in a tall vase, keep the arrangement low so guests can see each other and chat across the table.











Don’t Forget to Share Why You’re Thankful

Besides the turkey, Thanksgiving’s other favorite tradition is going around the table and sharing what you’re most thankful for. Think up an organized or clever way for guests to share (like writing it down), or simply take turns listening to each guest.

Thanksgiving Decor - Say Why You're Thankful