Unexpected Color Schemes That Work

Take your home to a bold new level by trying out one of these unexpected, but surprisingly perfect, color palettes. Did you know that you could mix red, white and blue with black-and-white stripes? Find out how!

Navy Blue, Fuchsia & Shades of Brown

Neons are all the rage and, surprisingly, they go well with just about any color. In this exotic and globally-inspired bedroom, a palette of copper, brown and burnt orange is brightened with a burst of fuchsia and a contrasting shade of navy blue on the walls. Surrounded by antique-style accessories and furnishings, the shiny, lacquered bed frame makes an eye-catching statement.


Orange & Shades of Blue

When designing a room, a jolting shade of tangerine and various shades of blue may not be the first color combination that comes to mind. However, the two pair very well together when used correctly (and won’t make you feel like you’re cheering for a sports team). In this room, think of the subdued and grayed shades of blue as neutrals. The tangerine chair, crib mattress and changing table are now beautiful, vibrant accents among soft blue surroundings. The perfect amount of orange accessories were added to create that shot of color.


Orange & Hot Pink

Rather than having a traditional color palette for this girl’s room this room is something a little more modern and daring. A combination of bright orange and hot pink creates a vibrant and lively design that also fits in with its tropical surroundings. Although these colors are side by side on the color wheel, they look stunning together.


Red, White & Blue, Plus Black & White

For this preppy/traditional entryway, bright red frames on the wall were used for the most noticeable burst of color. Coordinated with a bright blue chair with red trim, a sky-blue and white console table and a black-and-white-striped rug. Red, white, blue and black can absolutely work together!


Turquoise & Tangerine

The color combination of turquoise, tangerine, gold and white presents an exotic, global feel, especially when introduced through vases and curved end tables. Each color, although used differently, appears balanced and equal.


Teal & Rust

Teal and rust create one of those unexpected color combinations that instantly evokes a feeling of familiarity. The deep red-brown hue of the stools mixed with copper accents and contrasting shades of blue are reminiscent of cool fall days and falling leaves.


Teal & Citrus

In this rustic dining room, a deep jewel-tone blue is energized with touche of citrusy yellow that pops against the wood-beamed ceiling and natural materials.


Mauve & Hot Pink & Neon Yellow

In this Miami living room, a neutral hue on the walls was used to warm up the room before adding a signature blast of color. Carefully combined mauve, hot pink and neon yellow create an energetic, stylish and inviting space that easily fits in with its hot-spot surroundings.


Coral & Golden Yellow & Gray

Traditionally, no girl’s bedroom would be complete without a combination of pretty pastels like coral, golden yellow and blue. But what about pastels mixed with gray and black? In this bedroom, gray plays the neutral while black and white act as standout accents.